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Episode Recap: A Fright At The Opera

A family believes a presence has taken over their home AND children.


It's a double down night of investigating, as TAPS takes on a haunted opera house and helps out a family afraid to live in their own home.

First, the team heads to Carthage, MO, where Keith McBride is trying to renovate a 1800s opera house, but is finding it hard to work with the paranormal presences messing up his business. He has been shoved down a flight of stairs, seen an apparition of a woman that looked straight out of American Gothic, and heard voices and footsteps. His employees have had similar encounters with apparitions.

Did you know that an apparition without feet is considered an intelligent haunt that could be dangerous? The gang agrees to stay on high alert for this investigation. There were several personal experiences worth noting: Jason and Steve have footsteps chasing them and have a conversation with an entity using an EMF device. KJ and Dustin hear music from the basement and later collect audio footage of a girl crying. Could that be the girl who was killed in a carriage accident in the 1800s? It is all quite mysterious.

Though the evidence is strong, there was no indication that this is a malicious entity. Jason assures Keith that he is not in danger, but if he ever has a problem the team will come straight back to Missouri.

Next, the crew heads to Fairfield County, CT, where a family is terrified to be in their own home. Of the four Eberlin children, three have had encounters with the unexplained.  Miles, the four-year old Eberlin child, has been scratched by his imaginary friend, Kyle. Kyle has also told Miles that he died outside their house. Creepy. No wonder the two little ones won't sleep in their room.

Meanwhile, the eldest daughter has also been scratched, plus she has had dishes thrown around and heard voices and doors slamming.

Though the team usually expects to debunk claims of ghosts by children, they find themselves validating many of the Eberlin's experiences. The team has solid evidence, similar to the family's eldest daughter's experiences, of doors slamming and voices. Plus a strange white light fills an upstairs bedroom during the investigation. However, there may be ghosts but none that seem dangerous. The team recommends that the Eberlin's take back their home and feel safe living there.