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Episode Recap: Barrels of Boos

TAPS is back, and their investigating a Kentucky Distillery, supposedly haunted by one of its founding family members.


Welcome back, Ghost Hunters! Season 10 is now underway, and what better place to have the first investigation than the world famous Wild Turkey Whiskey Distillery?! The team is in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, where the term "spirits" is taking on a whole new meaning.

The last distillery the team investigated was Buffalo Trace. Both locations share an unusual claim: people get their butts touched! Maybe the whiskey is making these ghosts a little cheeky? Other claims at Wild Turkey are footsteps, voices, full body apparitions, dark shadows, sounds of a typewriter typing, and doors opening and closing.  There is also a photo that shows an apparition leaning against a pole- could this be a ghost?

The facility is large, so the teams are able to investigate different buildings simultaneously.  Among the more interesting experiences is when Jason and Steve pick up a figure with the thermal imaging camera- it seems to be peaking out at them. Later, they see another figure pass into a building, and the thermal camera shows something looking out at them from the second floor. How creepy!

Meanwhile, KJ and Dustin catch audio footage of voices, and cameras left unattended pick up unusual sounds. On the debunking side, there's some agreement among the team that the butt-pinching incident could have been the work of a sticky vinyl chair. Dave and guest investigator Kristen Lumen (from Ghost Mine, remember her?) consider the possibility that the photographer who caught the snapshot of a ghost didn't realize there was a person in the room- but they can't entirely explain that picture. Sam and Dave deduce that the typing noise is actually the window shutters moving in the draft. Good work!

Overall, the team is walking away from a clearly haunted facility. (And payment in the form of whiskey is greatly appreciated by the gang!)