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Episode Recap: Darker Learning

The legend of a mysterious love triangle and suicides could be at the root of frightening paranormal activity at a VT college.


At Southern Vermont College in Bennington, Vermont, students are distracted from their studies by the paranormal. Can T.A.P.S. help figure out what's going on here?

The team kicks off their investigation at a mansion on campus that was built in the early 1900s by industrialist Edmond Everett. His first wife died in the mansion from what was officially reported as an illness. But generations of lore claim that she actually committed suicide when she learned of her husband's affair with the nanny. That nanny, in turn, hanged herself on the third floor according to legend.

Claims are of a white mist lingering in the library, whispers and voices being heard, windows that open on their own and doors slamming. There are also claims in a nearby dormitory of white orbs, voices and doorknobs being rattled. Given that this entire mansion is built of limestone, which is known to perpetuate paranormal energy, this could be the perfect set up for a residual haunt.

The investigation does not disappoint. Jason and Steve capture some of the most stunning thermal footage of this season near the upstairs offices. There appears to be a figure that crosses the hallway, leaving one room and entering another. However, the doors are locked on both sides of the hall, so the figure would have to have passed through the solid mass. It's an incredible find!

Meanwhile, there are two pieces of recorded evidence of voices whispering to the investigators. The first was in the library where something said "Hey" to KJ and Dustin. The second recording was upstairs in the abbey where something whispered to Tango and Steve. There were plenty of personal experiences as well that indicated a residual haunt.

The good news is that the spirits didn't seem to want to engage with the investigators. So though the students may not be alone, they are not in any danger from their paranormal peers.