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Episode Recap: Houghton Hears A Who?

The repercussions of a deadly car accident could be behind unexplained phenomena.


Tonight's investigation may be one of the best of the season. The team travels to North Adams, Massachusetts to explore a mansion with a tragic history of death and sadness. The first mayor of North Adams, A.C. Houghton, built the Houghton Mansion in the 1890's. However, in 1914 he was in a car accident that took his daughter Mary's life. Mr. Houghton was badly injured and his chauffer and best friend, John Withers, felt so guilty he took his own life the day after the accident. A few days later Mr. Houghton died of his injuries in this bed, though many believe he died of a broken heart.

Today the building is owned by the Freemasons of North Adams. They are wondering if the increasing paranormal activity they are experiencing has to do with the hundredth anniversary of this accident, or is Mr. Houghton angry at how the Masons are treating his home? Also, there is an angry spirit in the basement that some believe is of a little girl that lived on this property before the mansion was built.

Claims include large shadow figures, voices chattering, footsteps, doors opening and closing, cold touches and rocks being thrown. The team addresses each claim diligently. Some are easily debunked- shadows can be cast when a person walks outside, for example.

However, some of the personal experiences by the team validate the claims. They manage to collect audio footage of voices whispering and saying "Shhh!" Jason and Steve twice hear a door open and heavy footsteps walking up the stairs when clearly there is no one visible. Dustin and KJ also have two meaningful conversations via EMF devices that are incredibly compelling.

In other words…dang!