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Episode Recap: Innocent Until Proven Dead

Haunted prison alert! TAPS investigated a Pennsylvania jail to help solve a tragic hanging.


The first investigation of the night is Conrad-Caldwell Castle, in Louisville, Kentucky. It's a mansion smack in the middle of town that was built for the Caldwell family in the late 1800s. The problem is, the original residents may still be hanging around. Next it's on to the Old Cumberland County Prison in Carlisle Pennsylvania. It looks like a castle, but the 1865 building holds many tragic memories.

At the Conrad-Caldwell House in Louisville, people are experiencing strange phenomenon including three ghost ladies sitting in the parlor, levitating objects, unusual footsteps and voices. People have seen moving orbs of light and smelled the scent of perfume and cigars.

There are a few possibilities as to who is behind these haunts.  The mansion was built in the 1800s for industrialists Mr. and Mrs. Theophile Conrad. However, things ended sadly when Mr. Conrad died of a heart attack right on the basement stairs. Later, the house was sold to William Caldwell, who lived there for 35 years until his wife died in the home. Her great-granddaughters hired TAPS to discover if they are related to the ghosts or if they're experiencing the presence of Mr. Conrad.

During the investigation, Jason and Steve hear voices and footsteps surrounding them in the billiards room. KJ and Dustin have three identical experiences having a REM-pod alarm sound when they call out to Mr. Conrad. The team is also able to debunk the orbs as lights from airplanes and deduce that the aromas are being released from the old wood in the home.

Next up, it's off to Old Cumberland County Prison in Carlisle, PA. Here experiences include: voices, apparitions, a half-bodied apparition where only the legs and boots are seen and bizarre noises. The common theory is that the ghost is Charles Salyards, who was hanged on the property for murdering police officer, George Martin. The thing is, until his dying moment, Salyards proclaimed his innocence. That's enough to make a spirit want to stick around and haunt the place.  

During the investigation, Jason and Steve hear a male voice. In the same place KJ and Dustin hear loud noises and are creeped out by an ominous feeling. At the reveal, shocking audio footage is presented in which a voice is heard saying, "It wasn't me." That could well mean that the ghost is Mr. Salyards, desperately trying to maintain his innocence from the afterworld.

Both cases showed off the team's shrewd debunking and analytical skills. They don't call them the pros for nothing.