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Episode Recap: Last Will and Evidence

A bride-to-be needs TAPS help in determining if her dream venue is safe despite claims of terrifying phenomena.


One episode. Two haunted mansions. If you're a Ghost Hunters fan – of course you are – you're in for a treat.

The first stop is the Burn Brae Mansion, and Inn in Glen Spey, NY. The rumors about paranormal activities have been surrounding this place for years, and many think the ghosts go back to the original owners of the home, Charles and Margaret Elkin. The claims are intense: People have seen apparitions floating above the bed, plus apparitions of men and women in various period garb. A common report is noises of children laughing and playing, and children touching people's legs.  The beds in some rooms get rumpled after they've been made. There are floating clouds and dark shadow figures. The client is actually Janice, who wants to get married at the mansion but her mom is too afraid to go there. She and Mike, the owner of the Inn, want to get to the bottom of all these experiences. And the experiences at the mansion are quite impressive. Jason and Steve hear someone walking upstairs while they're in the lobby, and later Jason hears a deep breath – that was not his - while he was alone, or so he thought he was alone. Something tries to enter the bathroom when Tango is in there, and KJ and Kristen hear all kinds of crazy noises in the attic. A few claims were debunked, but overall the team deduces there is definitely activity in the building.  But Janice should tell her mom that there is nothing malicious about these spirits, so the wedding can go on as planned.

Next, the team heads to Gallaher Mansion in Norwalk, Ct. This gorgeous place was built in 1932 on the site of what once was a sanatorium. Edward and Inez Gallaher both died in the same room on the property. Mr. Gallaher left the home to his alma mater, which subsequently sold it to the city. Could Gallaher be angry that the house didn't stay with his school? He could be behind the claims of apparitions, moving black shadows, footsteps, strange noises and even the ghost of a woman holding a baby.

During the investigation KJ and Dustin have a great interaction with something that is manipulating the EMF detector. Otherwise it was a quiet night without much activity. They were able to debunk some claims as well. If there are any ghosts, they certainly don't seem threatening.