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Episode Recap: Over My Dead Body

TAPS travels to St. Charles, Missouri to investigate hauntings in buildings constructed over a cemetery.


They're not kidding when they call it Mean Street. On this episode, TAPS heads to St. Charles Missouri where an entire city has earned a reputation for angry ghosts. And rightly so - entire graveyards have been moved to accommodate city growth. The only problem is, the bodies were left behind.

So, could the ghosts of bodies beneath the relocated headstones be responsible for five points of paranormal activity in this town? Or the ghosts of a suicidal teenager? Or the ghosts of the slaves that were held below ground? Or the ghosts of a sheriff who mistakenly executed innocent people and later hanged himself out of guilt? Across five different buildings in the town all of these stories need to be investigated- an Inn, a restaurant, a tobacconist, a gift shop and a printing shop. Thankfully, the team has two nights to do the job.

The results were a healthy mixture of experiences and debunking. KJ and Dustin managed to spot two moving figures in two separate instances. Jason and daughter Sam had a fantastic interaction with the suicidal teenager using a vibration detector, and later analysis of footage caught picked up a voice speaking while Samantha had been talking. The team was also able to debunk claims of voices near the print shop, as it seems the nearby bus depot is the true cause of the noises. Also, Steve and Tango debunk claims of gunshots in an alley.

Overall, there is some substance behind the reports of the locals. St. Charles has some presences, but there's no indication of ominous hauntings. So there's nothing to be afraid of.