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Episode Recap: Rockets Red Scare

TAPS travels to Boston to investigate the renowned USS Constitution.


Tonight TAPS visits two incredibly historic sites to determine which figures from American History are still lingering about these locations: the U.S.S. Constitution in Boston and Old Fort Harod in Kentucky.

First, the historic battleship from the 1700's: This was commissioned by George Washington and is the oldest active vessel in the world. Of course, with many years of battle come many deaths. And that means many ghosts!

Claims on the ship include apparitions of both adults and children (which might be from the "ship boys" that interned on the vessel back in the day). Folks also hear battle noises like gunshots and cannons, footsteps, voices and doors slamming.

The team has some startling experiences that validated much of the sailors' claims. Jason and Steve find the hammocks swinging randomly, so they sit in them and immediately start getting responses to call outs for noises. Jason follows heavy footsteps across the ship and is amazed at the depth of noises he is hearing. Meanwhile, Dustin and KJ help Tango and Steve debunk the battle sounds claim: it turns out when a chair moves in the mess hall it sounds like gunshots on the other side of the ship. During the reveal, the team presents audio footage of voices whispering while KJ is talking. Shocking!

Next, it's on to Kentucky, where re-enactors at the Old Fort Harod are afraid to come out because of the paranormal activity. The Fort was built in the 1700's as the first settlers moved west and needed to allegedly protect themselves from the Native Americans. There were hundreds of deaths on the site, including the murder of Barney Stagner, a farmer whose head was put on a stake. Now the site is a state park, and visitors claim to see a floating head in the conference center. People also see apparitions and hear voices and footsteps.

Sadly, the entire night went by without any experiences or evidence to validate the claims. That's actually a good thing, because now the re-enactors will come out and remake history again.