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Episode Recap: The Plot Thickens

Owners of a haunted theatre buy the building next door. Things don’t go well from there.


The team stays close to home tonight, investigating a haunted theater and building in nearby Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The beautiful Stadium Theater in downtown Woonsocket was renovated a few years ago and is operating nicely. Except for the part when ghosts walk around the balcony and make noises from the overhead catwalk.

Arthur Darman built the theater in the 1920s, and many of the employees and guests believe he is the ghost roaming the aisles. However, the theater company recently purchased the adjacent Stadium Building. Once renovations started, the paranormal activity spiked.

Workers claim to have seen a few different apparitions of women, including one looking for tickets to a show and another seeking a lawyer's office. There are noises, footsteps and doors opening and closing in this dilapidated building. The team is able to validate many of the experiences brought forth by the client. KJ and Dustin are in the lawyer's office when the door closes right in front of them. Tango and Sam experience the overhead footsteps and are certain the spirit pacing in the catwalk is a solid mass.

Most shocking is the footage from the rotating time-lapse GoPro camera in the theater captured during analysis. Through photographs the team can see a black mass moving down the stairs of the theater. The pictures are taken at the exact same time that Jason and Steve hear noises in that area and are calling out for any ghosts to speak up. This is incredible evidence!

Overall, TAPS was able to validate the experiences of the staff and crew at the Stadium Theater and Building. Though the haunts are not malicious, it will serve the folks in Woonsocket well to remind the ghosts that the renovations are for the good of the building that both the living and the dead clearly love.