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Episode Recap: There Ghosts The Neighborhood

TAPS travels to Missouri to help three generations of a family living on one haunted estate.


A floating girl ghosts and a dog that digs up cadavers? That's just a taste of what's in store for tonight's episode. The team is investigating two separate cases of neighboring homes that are both plagued by paranormal activities.

The first case is the Holly Hill Estate in Joplin, MO. The Patterson family has three generations living in the two houses on the property, and they are growing fearful of the paranormal activity they've been experiencing for decades. The Willow Vista House was once a mob meeting venue, a brothel and a speakeasy. But now a nice family lives there, and they don't appreciate the voices, apparitions and footsteps they have to deal with regularly.  

In the neighboring Jameson House, built in the 1800s, there is an apparition of a Civil War soldier that the Patterson's believe was once a Union soldier who was murdered by Confederate sympathizers in the house during the Civil War. They also believe the ghost of Mr. Jameson is still lingering. Could it be his spirit is angry that he was murdered and then his wife buried his body on the property? He might be looking for a proper burial.

The teams collect a slew of evidence, including voices heard and recorded, footsteps, a spirit that followed KJ and Sam down the stairs, and an EVP session conducted with a geo-pod that revealed the ghost was actually a Civil War infantryman. After the investigation the team brings in a pair of cadaver dogs, who both identify the same spot as the location where a body may be buried. The Pattersons will have to decide if they would like to explore that further. The good news is, none of the spirits are malicious, and in fact they seem friendly. So sleep tight, Patterson family, you are not in danger.

Next the team travels to Massachusetts where the Beechwood Inn and the neighboring Barnstable house, built in 1716 are supposedly sharing a ghost. The Barnstable house is called the house of 11 ghosts and has a history of paranormal encounters, including the apparition of a sea captain and a little girl named Lucy. There is a woman in white who wanders between the house and the Inn.

The team gathers some audio evidence at Barnstable to verify a few of the claims they were investigating, but came up short in the Inn this time. But, they can always come back if the activity increases or becomes malicious.