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Episode Recap: Too Many Apparitions in the Kitchen

A Jesuit seminary turned culinary institute calls in TAPS to find out if its former residents are haunting it.


Culinary school is tough enough without having the ghosts of old priests popping up in the kitchen! This week, TAPS heads to Hyde Park, NY to the Culinary Institute of America where there are unusual spirits on the menu!

The Institute exists in a building that used to be a Jesuit seminary for training young priests. When it was converted into a school, they had to move the bodies out of the mausoleum and to a nearby cemetery. If that doesn't work up souls at rest what does? The worst part was that during the move one casket fell open and the body fell out!

Claims now are of full-body apparitions seen all over campus by multiple people. Could it be the ghost of Father Murphy? Or are there multiple ghosts roaming the campus?

People also claim to have been touched, hearing strange voices and a general feeling of uneasiness in the buildings. Footsteps, shuffling and door slamming are all on the menu, of course.

Throughout the night, teams have varying experiences. KJ sees an apparition roaming the halls, teams hear doors closing and other inexplicable noises. During the review of the recordings, Sam catches evidence of a piano playing in a hallway, which she hadn't heard during the investigation but caught on examination. Similarly, recordings picked up a voice in the catacombs. It asks: "What are you doing?" Other recordings of chanting match the chanting sounds that a priest would make.

The team agrees that the voice is of an older man and it is a kind spirit, possibly a person of the cloth. There's no reason to be afraid of the school's house ghost!