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Episode Recap: All Aboard the Ghost Train

A serial killer and one of America’s worst train crashes are at the center of a haunted rail yard.


The Ghost Hunters are BACK! It is season 11, the final season, and the crew is ready to get back to work.

On this episode, the team is helping out another crew that is hard at work: the employees of the Midwest Railway Preservation Society in Cleveland, OH. Strange voices, shadow figures, full-bodied apparitions, footsteps and inexplicable noises haunt the location. Of course, when you have a locomotive section called "The Death Car", odds are there are some residual spirits hanging around.

Steve, the railway boss, wants to be sure his team isn't just going crazy. Meanwhile, his associate John purchased a railway car from him, only to have a ghost come along for the ride. Both Steve and John want to be certain there are no other ghosts around before he buys another car.

But pinpointing the source of the haunt could be tricky. Could the ghosts be the souls of the 26 people who were killed by boiling water and steam that exploded into the death car in the 1940s? Or is the station haunted by the souls of the 12 beheaded victims of Cleveland's infamous "Torso Murderer", who dumped the bodies on the tracks? Then again, railroad work is dangerous and several employees have perished over the years, particularly the "brake men", who had to run on the top of moving train cars and would often fall to their deaths. Add to the list numerous suicides by train and a woman who passed away while in a sleeping bunk, and there are too many ghosts to count!

The team manages to have experiences that confirm there is some sort of presence here. While in the death car, Jason and Steve are startled by a dark shadow moving. That matches with some of the client claims. In the Baxter Car, KJ and Dustin see some exciting EVP action in response to direct questions, but they cannot decipher who is communicating with them.

Team also experiences the footsteps and rustling overhead in the kitchen car, indicating the haunts could be the soul of a departed brakeman. A woman's voice is captured on one of the recordings, as are several unexplained noises and shadows.

So no, Steve, your employees are not going crazy! But there's no reason to fear any of these ghosts, as there is no malicious intent. So John should feel comfortable purchasing another car. What a relief!