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Episode Recap: Angel of Death

Is a child’s birthday party at risk from dangerous spirits?


TAPS is double dipping tonight with an historic inn and a haunted pizza parlor that was once a jail.

First, the team heads to Valparaiso, Indiana, to the Inn at Aberdeen. This building was once a stop on the Underground Railroad. The Ritter family owned it, and the wife and daughter, Grace, both died in the house. Could these ladies be the ghosts that are haunting the premises? The claims are unsettling as guests repeatedly report seeing the apparition of a little girl on the staircase.  They've also seen the little girl talking with an older woman. There are reports of objects moving on their own, loud bangs, screaming and shadow figures being seen.  Can TAPS reach out to Grace (called Angel by the staff) and her mother?

The team does make some connections! K.J. and Dustin use a teddy bear on the staircase with a REM pod to get a response from the little girl. The REM pod reacts to certain questions. And when they later analyze the evidence, they can hear a voice in the background. Odds are this is an intelligent haunt.

Now the team moves to Brandenburg, Kentucky, to answer claims of dark shadows and tall apparitions at the Jailhouse Pizza. The restaurant occupies what was a jailhouse built 200 years ago. There were two criminals there- Lucy, a slave who killed her master and James, another slave convicted of murder. Both were hanged outside, and locals believe they are the ghosts in the building.

While several of the claims were debunked, the evidence collected is stunning. The team has audio recordings of a voice chiming in "interesting" to a conversation with Dustin. There is singing and speaking caught on another recording. But the evidence shows that the ghosts are not angry, so the community is safe to order a large pepperoni without fear.