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Episode Recap: Children in the Attic

A mother needs TAPS' help to stop a spirit who has been communicating with her son.


The Toledo Yacht Club has always felt a little haunted, but lately things have been elevated to a whole new level as a child ghost becomes best friends with a living boy. Thank goodness TAPS is on the case!

The Club is over 150 years old, and while no one has ever died in the building, many bootleggers, gangsters and sailors have met their demise in the waters nearby. However, Susan, an employee at the club whose father used to be a commodore there, is now very concerned because her son is playing with a ghost. Hunter says the ghost-boy's name is Jacob. Jacob apparently told Hunter he had fallen from the balcony in 1910. Other employees claim to have seen the ghost boy as well. Creepy!

Other claims are that a deceased commodore will approach the bar and order a Manhattan. Also there have been shadow figures, footsteps and voices heard throughout the building.

The team was able to verify with certainty that there is an intelligent haunt in the building. They pick up a voice recording of a man saying "I'm not Jacob", which means he was responding to Jason and Steve directly when they were asking for the child by name. Hunter participated in the investigation, and a few times he was able to hear his friend, though no one else could.  His EMF detector and a REM pod went off during these moments of communication, which was an amazing experience for the investigators.

Although none of the team members were able to communicate with Jacob directly, they do believe that Hunter is perfectly safe playing with his friend. As for the other spirits in the building, they seem to be friendly enough and offer a little historical perspective for the club. Who doesn't love a friendly ghost?