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Episode Recap: Dudley Dead Wright

TAPS must help a woman whose home may be threatened by the spirits of a cursed, 18th century village.


The Ghost Hunters tackle two locations with distinct claims of paranormal activity.

First up is the home of Robin, in Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut. Particularly disturbing about the residence is that it is built near the old Dudleytown Settlement. Some locals consider the Dudleytown land cursed, as so many deaths and tragedies have occurred in that area.

Records show at least nine deaths on Robin's property, many of them children. A previous owner, Mrs. Waddems, lost her husband, two children, mother and granddaughter in the home. In keeping with the tragedy, Robin was hit by a truck just when she moved into the house.

Could this sad history be responsible for the extraordinary experiences in the main house and the guesthouse? Robin has seen a black mass approach her as she was lying in bed. Other guests have reported their bed shaking violently, and a child said he was held down at his chest by an unseen force. Also, several people have heard a disembodied voice that mimics Robin. These spirits do not feel friendly!

The team manages to debunk some of the claims, such as noises, which clearly are attributable to the creaky floors and windows of the old house. However, K.J. and Dustin get a noticeable EMF spike when they call out the name Mary in the main bedroom. And someone is trying to communicate with Jason via a vibration sensor, but can't seem to control the flow of the conversation. The recorded evidence captured a voice that matches the claim that the spirit is mimicking Robin. That is really cool!

On to Wrightsville, Pennsylvania, where two chefs believe a girl spirit is moving between their restaurant and the guest house down the street.  In both buildings there are claims of a female apparition, footsteps, doors slamming and spices being knocked off the shelf.

Unfortunately, the team was unable to verify any of the claims through their personal experiences or recordings. Steve suspects that this is a residual haunt the chefs are dealing with, which means there is absolutely nothing to fear.