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Episode Recap: Fighting Spirit

TAPS must determine if renovation on an armory could provoke spirits with violent pasts.


There are some serious allegations of paranormal activity at the Varnum Armory. TAPS has been called to the East Greenwich, Rhode Island, military establishment to help sort out the ghost situation before it escalates to a frightening level.

Patrick and Andrew are members of the Varnum Continentals, a historic organization dedicated to preserving artifacts from military history. The problem is, these artifacts have seen so much death and destruction that it's impossible to tell which item could be the source of the haunt. The clients would like to renovate the Armory and make it more open to the public, but they fear they'll incite angry spirits and put their guests in danger.

The claims include shadow figures, a voice of a girl giggling, other voices and noises, footsteps, door slams and an apparition. People have also been touched. The artifacts that could be involved in this paranormal activity include a helmet worn by a soldier when he was killed in the American Revolution, and a blood-soaked glove worn during the civil war.

The investigative experiences are remarkable at the Armory. Each of the teams has personal experiences, and more than one hear the girl's giggling voice. Steve and Jason hear footsteps walking on the stairs with them, and Jason feels stark temperature drops not once, but twice! On the second occurrence the EMF levels around him soared.

There was audio footage capturing all the voice presences. But the most compelling evidence was found in analysis: a shadow figure appears in a doorway behind Jason and appears to walk into the room. It's amazing!

Patrick and Andrew are thrilled with the outcome. First, they feel validated. Second, they personally feel reassured that the spirits in the building are there to communicate, not to torment.