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Episode Recap: Ghost Guards

Do the women in charge of a haunted armory have anything to do with the paranormal activity there?


The crew at the Grays Armory in Cleveland, Ohio, has a few potential explanations for the recent uptick in paranormal activity. A deceased employee. Angry former soldiers. A nearby cemetery. Can the Ghost Hunters figure out who is running the halls of the 120-year-old militia building once and for all?

Kristin, the current manager of the armory, has been leading the charge to renovate the building, which now serves as a museum. For the past two years, she and her employees have seen an intense jump in the paranormal activities, including humanoid shadow figures, footsteps running while sensor alarms don't react, doors slamming and all kinds of weird noises. One night, they even had an alarm go off at 3 a.m. The police responded to find the building empty, but the security camera footage showed some kind of movement and orb happening at the time of the alarm.  
Given that the Grays Armory was an old fashioned boys club, it could be that there spirits of the militia men are upset that a woman is now in charge, Kristin says. However, it could also be the ghost of Lou. Lou was a maintenance man who lived in a building and died in the meeting room a few years ago. When his van was moved out of the basement is when the activity really kicked up. There's a lot of potential paranormal activity here.

As soon as the team begins to set up, the activity begins as Dustin sees a white shadow moving in Kristin's office. During the investigation, Jason and Steve spend a great deal of time chasing slamming doors up and down the stairs until a door slams right behind Steve! It's as if a ghost is messing with them. The footage is remarkable. Meanwhile, Shari feels something grab her shoulder firmly, and KJ and Dustin are shocked by the amount of noise they hear in the basement. This is one of the most exciting investigations in a while!

During the review of the evidence, the team picks up a voice recording of someone saying hello. Jason and Steve reviewed the security footage of the alarm incident and are speechless as to what is happening, but clearly there is a presence in the room kicking up some dust.

Jason and Steve tell Kristin that there is definitely something going on in the Armory, but it seems far more interested in having fun than being angry. They have no conclusive evidence that it is Lou, but whoever it is just wants to stay connected to the building.