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Episode Recap: Haunting of the Garde

Could a former Congressman and his family still be haunting their home?


Mark has been working at The Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut, for 10 years. He has encountered lots of paranormal activity, as have many of his employees. Now, he is about to begin a renovation for a children's arts program and is worried that the activity will increase and put the kids in danger! Can TAPS help figure out what's behind this haunting?

There are a few potential sources of the activity. The Arts Center was built on the site of the Thomas Wheeler Williams mansion, a prominent whaler and politician. Five of Wheeler's nine children died in the home before the age of 22. The house was torn down in the 1920s and the theater was built. A lighting engineer fell to his death in the theater, and since then the lighting has behaved mysteriously.

The claims are unique: several people have seen an apparition of a little girl with a balloon and an old man. People often hear footsteps and breathing noises, banging and voices. One employee claims he fell off a ladder, but was caught by someone… who wasn't there!

The team has a slew of experiences that match the claim. Steve and Jason hear the theater seats drop when they ask the spirit to make a noise on command. Jason also hears a loud bang on the wall in the basement and the sound of something falling from the ceiling in the catwalk area. It may have been a light bulb, which would be incredible! Dustin and K.J. hear strange noises in the projection booth and gasping in the administration building. Sam and Shari are able to debunk some claims when they realize the walls of the administration building are thin, so many noises from the outside are audible.

Mark is thrilled with the investigation results. Jason surmises that this is an intelligent haunt and Steve has a hunch it is related to the deceased lighting employee, though there isn't enough evidence to say with certainty. There is no sign of anger or hostility, however, so Mark should move forward with his renovation. What an exciting investigation!