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Episode Recap: Manor of Mystery

Actors Rachel Nichols (Continuum) and Jonathan Sadowski (Young and Hungry) join TAPS to investigate a haunted museum.


Get ready- this may be one of the most active investigations in Ghost Hunters history! And also? It's the last hunt of the series so this is pretty important!

TAPS heads to Wilmington, Delaware, to investigate the Rockwood Mansion. A merchant banker named Joseph Shipley built this huge and spooky house in the 1850s. Later, the house was owned by Edward Bringhurst, whose niece, Mary, died in the home. Some people claim to see Mary's ghost, or a lady in white in the gardens. There have also been sightings of Mr. Bringhurst himself in a black coat and had. Still others say they've seen the ghost of the little boy, Eddie Jr., sitting at the dining room table ready to eat.

Rockwood also boasts the usual claims of shadow figures, footsteps, voices and strange noises. The museum is about to launch an exhibit on Victorian Spiritualism. Owners Phillip and April are planning to include Ouija boards and crystal balls in the exhibit, but the staff is already on edge. Could this exhibit increase the paranormal activity? Or worse, draw in more sinister spirits? The Ghost Hunters have a lot to figure out in one night. Luckily, they have two guest investigators along: actress Rachel Nichols (Continuum) and actor Jonathan Sadowski (Young and Hungry).

The investigation is intense. Dustin and K.J. have a cold presence pass through them in the attic and open a door behind them. When they go back to investigate the area a second time, something pushed Dustin's head back as if to prevent him from moving further.  In the dining room, all of the investigators witness interactions with a spirit that they decide is Eddie Jr. Eddie plays with Jason's phone on command and has a stunning interaction with the team using the REM-pod. This is a seriously spine-tingling series of events.

The cumulative evidence is stunning, but Jason assures Phillip and April that they shouldn't be afraid. This is an intelligent haunt, but also a playful haunt that is most likely a child. They should continue on with their exhibit knowing they have a happy ghost in their midst.

Thanks for the 11 seasons, TAPS.