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Episode Recap: Overdue for Death

In an old Rhode Island library, TAPS must determine if reports of paranormal activity are fiction or not.


TAPS is staying close to home tonight as they investigate the Westerly Library in Westerly, Rhode Island.

This old building is ripe with paranormal claims, and Ron, the manager, would like to ensure his staff and visitors that they are safe. It certainly doesn't feel that way right now: people feel threatened by an aggressive presence in the attic. They have seen shadow figures and floating orbs. There is an apparition of Sally, a librarian who died several years ago, floating around her old office and the elevators. People hear footsteps, voices calling people's names and whispers throughout the building. Ron also gives the team security camera footage of a lavender-colored mist floating through the basement and of a book apparently being thrown from a shelf.

The team wastes no time getting the investigation started. During camera set up, Dustin hears a woman whispering to him. Steve and Jason have multiple experiences: footsteps, door slamming and whispering as they move from floor to floor of the library. They also heard male voices in the attic. Is someone saying, "Go to hell"? That's disturbing! Every team had an experience- from voices to banging to footsteps; many of the claims were verified.

They were able to debunk some claims of floating orbs and apparitions in the basement, which are more a result of light-play on reflective surfaces.

Ron is clearly unsettled by the evidence and is worried about the safety of his patrons and employees, but Jason doesn't feel there is an angry or malicious spirit in the building. Eventually, Ron finds comfort in having his suspicions confirmed.