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Episode Recap: Paranormal Pirates

What do pirates have to do with spirits haunting a former military base? TAPS is on the case.


In this episode, the Ghost Hunters are headed to Steve's hometown of New Bedford, Mass., to investigate an old fort built on historic grounds. The Fort Tabor and Fort Rodham are hotbeds of paranormal activity, and operator, Roger, would love for TAPS to figure out who is behind it.

The fort was built during the Civil War, but the land itself was once the home of pirates and privateers before the American Revolution. The British Navy even invaded this land to try to thwart the pirating. Later, the fort was used as a convalescent location for wounded World War I soldiers, many who died. All of this military past could be the source of the paranormal claims.

On the site, visitors and employees claim to have seen apparitions in the Milliken battery and in the fort, sensed they were being watched in the museum, and seen soldiers in garb walking the grounds. One girl even broke her leg running from a shadow figure! There are claims of footsteps and voices, noises like books falling, motion sensors going off and Roger showed security camera footage of a white silhouette crossing the screen.

The team is able to successfully debunk several claims. The security cameras had cobwebs on them causing that footage. Hanging model planes can easily set off the motion sensors. And the many portraits and mannequins in the museum, along with light play, can trick the eyes into seeing an apparition.

However, the team also has experiences of loud noises and footsteps throughout the Milliken. K.J. and Dustin record a voice in the lighthouse on top of the fort. Jason and Steve are stunned by an illumination they see across the courtyard. And the team captures gasping noises in the Milliken.

Overall, this evidence adds to the mysteries Roger is trying to understand, but at least now they know he is not dealing with anything that wants to hurt anyone.