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Episode Recap: Public Poltergeist Number One

TAPS investigates a haunted prison, and a home where 16 people died in 24 hours. Uh-oh.


Gangsters and senators come together for this episode! The Ghost Hunters investigate two incredibly creepy locations: The Old Lake County Jail in Crown Point, Indiana, and My Old Kentucky Home Park in Bardstown, Kentucky.

The Old Lake County Jail saw it's share of gangsters and other criminals since it was built in the 1880s. Most notoriously was John Dillinger and gangster Herbert Youngblood, who both escaped from the "escape-proof prison" in the 1930s and were killed shortly after. It could be their souls haunting the cellblocks, or it could be the ghosts of any number of prisoners that committed suicide or died in the prison.

The claims are rather sinister, too. Women in particular feel threatened; some have even been grabbed or pushed into cells. Other claims include shadow figures, apparitions, voices and floating orbs.

The team has relevant experiences. Notably, Jason captures what could be a floating orb on his thermal imaging camera. They hear banging and movement noises as well. Upon review of the footage, the team discovers a voice saying "tell me about it" when K.J. comments on how small the cells are. That's creepy, but a valid complaint for the ghost! Overall, this investigation is another successful endeavor for the team.

The tragic history behind My Old Kentucky Home Park is harsh. The family of Senator John Rowan and his wife Anna experienced an outbreak of cholera that killed eight family members and eight slaves. Years later, John Rowen Jr. died when he fell out a window, and his wife later died in the home. Any one of those souls could be responsible for the apparitions seen in windows, or the creepy antique doll that moves, or the voices of children heard playing and shadow figures that are seen.

The team wasn't able to back up many of the claims, but Jason suspects that the house is experiencing residual haunts that are of no threat to anyone. Phew, everyone can relax now.