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Episode Recap: Stone Cold Colonists

Restless spirits haunt the home where they were once the subject of medical experiments.


TAPS takes on two incredible locations. The first stop is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where an 18th Century doctor walked the line between angel and devil. Later, the team visits an Alms House and Jail in Middletown, Connecticut.

At the home of Dr. Phillip Physick, the team learns that this medical innovator was one of the few doctors to stay in the city during the Yellow Fever epidemic of the 1780s. He revolutionized eye surgery and treatments of kidney stones. He treated dignitaries including Dolly Madison. He also, supposedly, snuck cadavers into his basement to dissect them for research purposes. Could the souls of these abused corpses be seeking revenge? Or is his ex-wife, Elizabeth, stalking the house from the grave?

Claims include full bodied apparitions, objects moving on their own, people walking up to the front door and disappearing and shadow figures. The client, Dell, is a descendant of Dr. Physick and says his wife is afraid to sleep at night because of all the activity.

She isn't going to sleep any better after TAPS presents their results. They had a medical cart hurl toward an innocent cameraman, there were voices picked up on the recordings and each of the teams had noteworthy personal experiences. While Dell is unsettled, he feels relieved that his concerns are justified.

Meanwhile, In Middletown, two adjacent buildings from the 1850s have recently been renovated. The new tenants and business owners, however, are apprehensive about the ghosts sharing their property. The Alms House and Jail were part of an 1850's federal government plan to provide housing and services for the poor. At one point, over 100 orphans were living in the attic of the Alms House while the insane were shackled in the basement. Hundreds died in the buildings.

Today, people see apparitions of children, black shadow figures and hear voices, footsteps and odd noises. The team was able to verify many of the claims. Most interesting is a voice recording of a child saying, "let's play dress up". The spirits are innocent, so the tenants have nothing to fear as they go about their business. Phew!