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What To Expect When You're Expecting the Final Season of Ghost Hunters

Here's 6 things to look out for in Season 11, which premieres Wednesday August 3 at 9/8c. Don't miss it!


Here's 6 things to look out for in Season 11, which premieres Wednesday, August 3 at 9/8c. Don't miss it!

NEW Investigation Locations!


So many cities, so many ghosts! This season, the team will investigate new locations such as one of the oldest (and mosts haunted) yacht clubs in the USA and a pizzeria that has a history of hangings, prisoners and delicious pepperoni.

More Shari DiBenedetti

TAPS' newest investigator cut her teeth last season and will take everything she learned in the way of EVP-ing and "What was that-ing?" to new heights as she teams up with Sam Hawes.  

Bigger Reveals

The team will try not to scare the pants off of their clients during the final analyses - but they make no promises.

Haunting History Lessons  

Any good ghost sighting worth its salt, is tied to some type of murky history. Expect more spooky backstories and cool shots of relics from that past that may or may not haunt your dreams.

Gorgeous Ghost Hunting Gear

Whether it's a K2 Meter or a night vision camera, the team will continue to introduce new state of the art gear as they make their way through railways, armories and restaurants.

Up Close and Personal Experiences

We won't see who or what, but one of the investigators will have a close encounter of the paranormal kind with a not so friendly ghost.

Say hello (it'll make more sense when you watch it...) from the other side with the official Season 11 trailer.