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Episode Recap: Cranston and Grafton


Debbie presents a case involving children Cody and Desiree, who allegedly woke up to something tugging their bed sheets and hurling toys around their room. Patricia, who lives with the children, shows Jason and Grant where a man hanged himself and reports hearing her door rattle in the night and seeing a man at the top of the stairs and at a window. Desiree tells Jason and Grant that a girl ghost wants to play with her.

Jason and Grant help dig up bones in the barn and send them to the police to be analyzed. Dustin and Brian Harnois follow a cat to Patricia's door and conclude that it is causing the door to rattle.

 When Heather uses dowsing rods on the stairs, Andy's chest tightens and he leaves to get fresh air. Jason and Grant investigate but don't have a similar experience. In the basement Brian and Steve feel cold spots, hear a noise and have high EMF readings.

Jason and Grant show the family Cody getting up, waking Desiree and returning to bed. Jason and Grant think Desiree might imagine the spirits when she wakes up alone. They suggest setting up a mini-TAPS team to investigate what happens other nights. After a phone call they learn the body in the barn was a cow.

The second case involves a woman's experiences at her parents' house. Hayley, the witness, talks about cabinets opening, an apparition appearing in a doorframe, a Shakespeare bust moving on its own, and a female apparition shaking her mirror.

When Jason and Grant are in the basement, Jason gets unexplained burn marks on his back but doesn't share the information then. Later, as Hayley asks for a sign of the spirit's presence, she has chills up her arm and spine. Brian Harnois confirms cold spots on those body parts with a digital thermometer.

When Jason and Grant meet with Hayley, they play for her recordings that say, "Have them go," and show her a photo of Jason's burns. They think the spirits resent Hayley's presence in the house. They admit their proof may not convince skeptics, but the family can use it to analyze future paranormal occurrences.