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Episode Recap: Myrtles Plantation


Debbie receives a phone call from the Myrtles Plantation, and the team heads to New Orleans to investigate its various claims of paranormal activity.

Jason and Grant meet Hester, a plantation employee. She relates to them the haunting tales that guests have reported, including: a wandering slave; seeing children's reflections in a mirror; a Confederate soldier by the pond; and the ghost of a murdered man who died on a staircase trying to reach his wife before he died. During the night, the team puts cameras in the most haunted areas of the plantation.

Jason and Grant pick up a temperature change on the stairs with the thermal imaging camera, which shows something in front of them that they can't explain. On a slave path, the camera catches what appears to be a human torso passing in front of them.

A volunteer named Chris and TAPS member Brian Harnois detect Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) in the dining room/ballroom area and think that they see something move. Suspecting a spirit, they ask for a sign of its presence- and right away hear a noise. When Chris is alone measuring electromagnetic fields, he feels something watching him and senses something darting from tree to tree.

As the team reviews footage they see a lamp slide on its own across a table in a slave cabin but are unsure of what caused it to move. When Jason and Grant return to the plantation, they investigate the lamp but can't explain why it moved across the table.

Jason and Grant meet with Hester. They explain that the children who guests saw in the mirror are probably the result of matrixing, and that smudging on the inside and outside of the glass can combine with tarnishing metal to form the image of a face or hand. They conclude that despite the mundane explanation of the images in the mirror, there is enough paranormal activity to call the Myrtles Plantation "one of the most haunted places in America."