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Episode Recap: Attack of the Irish Elemental


The TAPS team (except for Steve, who's afraid of flying) heads to Ireland to investigate Leap Castle.

After they arrive, Jason and Grant meet with Barry Fitzgerald, a TAPS affiliate member, who gives them a tour and tells them that the entity in the castle was identified as an elemental spirit. He describes a face like a decayed corpse accompanied by the smell of sulfur. In the banquet hall he tells them that other teams have seen a manifestation of the elemental as a lady in a red dress on the balcony. An old access corridor is marked by the strong smell of sulfur where the elemental has been seen.

Barry takes them to the "bloody chapel," where people have seen a priest who was killed by his warrior brother, and where enemies of the castle were thrown onto spikes in a holding pen called an oubliette. On the grounds there were sightings of monks; Barry shows them the rectory ruins, where he saw the solid figure of a priest behind the door.

During the investigation, Brian and Barry go under the rectory ruins. There Barry hears a noise and Brian's eyes water. In the access corridor, Barry notes a drop in the barometric pressure. Brian catches a shadow moving around on-camera. When Dustin and Dave Tango are in the "bloody chapel," they get high EMF readings, a cameraman says he got pushed, and Dave sees a greenish-blue flashing light the size of a tennis ball move. Later they see a face with a hood and a beard (which Brian claims he saw, as well), and Dustin gets knocked down in the oubliette shaft.

When Jason and Grant hear about what happened to Dustin, they go back to the chapel to investigate. Grant descends into the oubliette and tries to provoke the spirit while Barry listens to the wireless audio set up in the chapel. Jason hears something walking and running that sounds like furniture being dragged; Barry runs up the stairs because he thinks that the elemental is about to attack Grant, but everything is O.K.

Brian reviews the video footage. He notices that the shadow he saw on-camera was not an apparition. After Steve listens to the audio recordings at TAPS headquarters, he plays three recordings for them over the phone. The first sounds as if it's saying, "What's that," the second sounds like footsteps from the "bloody chapel," and the third sounds like a woman's voice.

Jason and Grant meet with Barry Fitzgerald and Sean Ryan, the castle owner, and tell them about their findings. They share the footage of Dustin being shoved and play Steve's audio clips. Jason says that the castle is haunted, but he and Grant agree that the haunting is not by a negative entity.