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Episode Recap: Nightmare Noises


Lynn Tedeschi tells Donna that her home has been plagued by unexplained noises, bangings and toys going on by themselves. Her family has seen mysterious shadows in the home.

Lynn takes the team to the living room where she has heard a "ha" noise and children running around. She shows them the basement door that opened right before the team arrived, and the bedroom where a toy car started by itself.

As Steve and Lisa make EVP recordings in the basement, they interact with a presence that makes a toy dragon emit noises after they ask it questions. Later, after analyzing the footage, Brian and Steve show it to Jason and Grant.

Jason and Grant meet with Lynn. They tell her of their findings and show her footage from the investigation. They point out that two unbracketed copper pipes in the basement might be the source of some noises in the house. They also inform her that her basement door has no latching mechanism, which can cause it to open spontaneously. Bottom line: There is nothing scary in Lynn's house, and her kids are in no danger. Lynn says it's what she needed to hear.

The team meets with Donna MacLean, who tells them that she got slapped on the side of her leg while in the living room. Her husband felt the floor vibrate, and she has heard explosions under the whole house. In the bedroom, her husband saw a purse fly from the bureau and land at his feet.

Jason and Grant check the attic because a house with activity in every other room may have an entity hiding there. In the attic they hear footsteps. A bathroom faucet turns on by itself near the ladder's base. Jason lies on a futon and hears a vibrating noise, as well as thumping and banging noises from behind him.

Brian, Steve, Jason and Grant review recordings of thumps and footsteps in the attic, the vibrating noise, and the noises behind Jason in the attic.

Jason and Grant meet with Donna, share their findings and play the audio clips and footage. Jason says that there is paranormal activity, but no one has been seriously injured from a haunting. He suggests that the MacLeans tell the entity to leave, and if it is still there after a few days, Donna should contact TAPS.

Paranormal activity continues in the house after TAPS's first visit, but thanks to Grant and Jason's advice the MacLeans say they are no longer afraid.