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Episode Recap: Toys of Terror


Donna tells Jason and Grant about a case in Chesapeake, Va., where a homeowner who has an antique doll whose pupils dilate feels ostracized by the Mennonite community in which she lives, because the local religion doesn't believe in hauntings.

Bobbie Atristain, a Virginia TAPS member, introduces the team to Kimberlie Keffer, the homeowner. In the first room, Keffer says, a petite woman in Victorian dress was seen and Nilla Harris, Kimberlie's friend, smelled clothes though no one was there. Kimberlie tells TAPS that she heard a man walking on a hardwood floor in a carpeted hallway, she saw a Confederate soldier, and the bathroom faucets turned on by themselves.

Jason and Grant are stumped by what caused the bathroom faucets to turn on. Grant hears a toy car or bus slide off of the entertainment center to the floor. Brian and Bobbie realize that the high EMF readings they've noted might be caused by a clock in the bedroom. Jason and Grant detect a thermal signature on a grandfather clock in the living room, but they can't figure out what caused it.

Steve plays EVP recordings from the attic. Two include thumping noises; one is a voice that says the same thing three times in a row; another seems to repeat whatever Kimberlie says.

Jason and Grant meet with Kimberlie and play the EVP clips. They tell her that their evidence backs up her claims of paranormal activity. Kimberlie says she feels secure in her home, even though the Mennonite community doesn't understand what she's going through.

Steve is going to lead an investigation for the first time, at the General Stanton Inn in Rhode Island.

Karilee Dahl, the general manager, tells Steve and Brian that General Stanton started a school for Indian children there. She shows them the dining room, where a guest saw something disappear into the corner, and the Washington and the Williamsburg Rooms, where Karilee herself felt three taps on her shoulder. Jenny Christensen, the head server, saw a man attired in brown pants, a shirt, suspenders and a hat vanish.

Brian and Steve see something move in the cemetery bushes. but it doesn't show up on the thermal camera. Twigs snap and rustle when they call for General Stanton. Dave Tango and Dustin realize that a reflection on a window may have caused the image that the customer saw in the dining room. Dave hears a door open and close and the sound of something walking, but no one is in the hallway.