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Episode Recap: Bottled Spirits


Heather Tracy and her family moved into her ancestor's property two years ago. There were always reports of odd activity and it soon became apparent to her that there was something more to the stories.

The first time Heather brought her son Aiden home she heard the whisper of a man coming through his radio. Her son began to scream terribly. Shortly after the screaming started, Heather and other family members began noticing strange scratches on his back and on his legs. No one knew where it was coming from and what was causing him to wake up so scared.

To add, Heather's mom often gets a strong sense that there is someone standing near her and when she turns she catches a shadow darting around a corner or walking past her. Heather has felt someone stroke her face as she walked into her bedroom. She has also had her shoulder squeezed by an icy cold grip while she was in the kitchen.

Jason and Grant always put the needs of children first. Being parents themselves, they have a vested interest in this case. Although they are unnerved by the activity in the house, their primary concern is Aiden's safety.

TAPS searches for spirits on the Upstate NY Wine Trail.

Appleton, NY: Haunted Winery

Previous owners saw their wives die in the house from illness. And one owner accidentally shot and killed his son while another died under suspicious circumstances. By 1933, the Sisters of St. Joseph became the new owners and used the estate for decades as a nuns' retreat, a camp for girls and a training school for the deaf. Now, the winery has become a part of an eerie lore.

The current owner, Margo, has seen candelabras move on its own. She hears murmuring voices in the 2nd floor bedroom where she resides. The apparitions of two men have been seen throughout the building. One is a young man in Victorian dress that some believe may be Louis Merritt, the man who was accidentally shot by his own father. The other apparition is that of a bearded man who is often spotted in the kitchen and many seem to think it is Dr. Ring, a former owner who mysteriously died. One common experience that owners of the house have is the creepy feeling that they are not alone and are being watched intently.