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Episode Recap: Fort Delaware


Jason and Grant are called in to investigate a haunt hidden in their own neighborhood, the Slater Mill. In its early years, almost all of the employees at the mill were children, and the workers were often pushed to their limits. Working conditions were difficult and unhealthy. Respiratory ailments and diseases were rife, and the Mill was home to many grisly accidents. Now, TAPS sets out to debunk the long list of paranormal claims by employees and visitors alike.

TAPS also goes to Connecticut to unravel the mysteries at the historic Pettibone Tavern. Built in 1780, the tavern originally served as a carriage stop between Albany, N.Y., and Boston during the late 18th century. During this time, it was also supposedly the site of a brutal axe murder. Throughout its years since, employees have consistently reported activity that they cannot explain.

Opening managers have come in the morning to find furniture stacked or rearranged. A closing manager reported turning off a row of decorative candles, one by one, and when he got outside to his car, he turned around, shocked, to find them all switched back on.

Having survived a recent fire, the restaurant is renovated and preparing for a reopening with new owners and a new name, but before it does, TAPS gets a crack at this local legend.