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Episode Recap: Ghostly Bounty Hunter


The TAPS team head to Norton, Mass., to investigate the Medeiros home, which has experienced many paranormal events in the five years the family has owned the house. Amy Medeiros says that at times, the family feels threatened.

Given her experience working with families, Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes invite along investigator Kristyn Gartland. Grant and Jason take the main floor and almost immediately hear footfalls, but they are able to replicate the sounds on stairs.

In Connor's bedroom, Kris William and Kristyn hear something above them, prompting Kristyn to ask Jason and Grant to help recreate the sound for confirmation. It was identified as also coming from the stairs.

At that point, it's decided only one team should investigate the home at a time. Alone, Grant hears sounds off the kitchen, possibly from the bathroom, but can't find a cause. Later, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango sit in the living room and try to spot an apparition but are unsuccessful.

The analysis proves difficult since little out of the ordinary has been recorded. Although it wasn't captured on tape, Jason discusses his sighting of a small shadowy shape in the crawl space behind Emily's bedroom.

Jason and Grant discuss their experiences and findings with Amy, who is pleased to hear that the team thinks nothing malevolent is troubling them. The men discuss ways for Emily, the youngest child, to get comfortable with the presence she senses without encouraging it.

George Adams has been restoring Prospect Place, a mansion his great-great-grandfather built in the nineteenth century. There have been reported sightings and sounds from the mansion and the nearby barn, which provides TAPS with plenty to investigate.

Starting in the attic, Grant hears footsteps to his right but sees nothing. Later, he and Jason walk through the frigid night towards the barn and capture a black shape in a second floor window via their thermal imaging camera. The problem there is that the shape appears to be cold as stone. The shape moves, as if someone leaned out the window, and went back inside.

Steve and Dave attempt to record electronic-voice phenomena in the second floor hallway with no response.

Dave and Kris, though, are visited by a bat as they investigate the attic and it freezes them in place until it flies off.

Later, Kris learns the legend of a little girl who died falling through a window in the house was incorrect, she was actually 21 and died from consumption.

In reviewing the findings with George, Jason notes that the lack of heat signature from the black shape is intriguing but also inconclusive. The bat in the attic may be explain why people feel a presence without seeing anyone.