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Episode Recap: Ghosts of the Sunshine State


TAPS is in Florida to investigate an inn that is a hotbed of paranormal activity.

This unique St. Petersburg property consists of two multi-story Victorian manors: the Pink House and the Purple House. They were both built in the late 1800s, and are believed to house more than just customers.

Many soldiers died after excruciating injuries on the land where the Pink House sits. Apparitions of men, women and children have been reported throughout the house. Recently, one of the innkeepers was on his way to the 3rd floor when he spotted a pair of children's shoes at the top of the stairs. He stopped and peered down the hall and saw a little girl dressed in white peeking at him from around a corner, disappearing afterwards.

The Pink House was also the sight of a few terrible fires. One of the housekeepers was upstairs cleaning after guests had checked out and suddenly felt someone push her and hold her on the floor. She screamed for help until suddenly she was able to get free. Incredibly, she continues to work at the Inn.

Elsewhere in St. Petersburg, TAPS investigates the legendary Renaissance Vinoy hotel, Major League Baseball's favored paranormal getaway.

Built in 1924, the Vinoy has always been a preferred vacation spot for the rich and famous. Today, the facility is the visiting-team hotel for the Tampa Bay Rays.

Several housekeepers at the Vinoy have reported seeing a woman in a white gown in various rooms on the 5th floor in broad daylight. When they checked their eyes, she was gone. On the night shift, security personnel reported seeing a figure on the outdoor landing of Suite 253, another woman in a white gown. Concerned that she would jump to her death, they turned for their radio, but she was gone.

The Cincinnati Reds pitcher Scott Williamson had just turned out the lights when he got a tingling sensation, like he was being watched. Then he rolled onto his stomach and felt pressure on him, like he couldn't move or even breathe. He rolled over onto his back and saw a man standing by his curtains.

Other reports from players on other teams include faucets that turn on and off as well as toilets that flush themselves multiple times, flickering lights, and locked and chained doors that swing open.