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Episode Recap: Hometown Haunts


TAPS investigates a landmark pool hall in team member Steve Gonsalves' hometown.

Over the years, the first floor fronted several retail clients, but is now a tavern called Theodore's. Though two separate establishments, Theodore's and Smith's have a common problem; they both experience intense paranormal activity. Now, their owners are working together and asking TAPS to diagnose their decades-old problem.

In the basement, employees of Theodore's have reported sudden temperature drops and objects falling off the walls and shelves. One bartender thought she was talking to a person before she realized that she was alone.

Upstairs on the first floor, they hear the distinctive rattling of pool balls dropping into pockets but Smith's is closed and empty. There are also muffled male voices that sound like they're having a good time.

They think the source of all this activity may be an unusual decoration that hung over the bar of Theodore's until recently. What everyone thought was a prop skeleton turned out to be the skeleton of a human being. After this discovery it was taken down and put in a simple coffin, which was placed on the third floor, where it still resides.

Now, TAPS will have access to all the active floors of this local landmark.


TAPS investigates claims of paranormal activity in a local family's 19th century Victorian home. After their investigation, the team left with the belief that something other than the family was living in the home.

The owner, Troy, is dealing with what he feels are two separate entities, a child that he has seen several times in his bedroom and a large adult shadow figure. On one occasion, Troy's dog actually chased the boy's apparition out of the bedroom. Troy says his face is so vivid that he could pick the child out of a lineup. The adult shadow figure roams the second and third floor entryway.

Troy's mother was once pushed, and then pulled to the floor when she tried to enter the house.

When he first bought the property, doors would fly open and hit Troy. During the initial renovations, he could hear sounds of screaming. Then things calmed down to an almost seasonal cycle, until the paranormal investigation. Now these noises and sights are a year-round, daily occurrence.