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Episode Recap: Oak Alley Plantation


TAPS returns to Louisiana to investigate the historic Oak Alley sugar plantation in Vacherie.

When Jacques Telesphore, the businessman who built the house, died of tuberculosis in 1848, his family couldn't maintain the business, and had to sell the property.

Several movies have been filmed at the plantation, including Interview With the Vampire.

Staff and volunteers have reported frequent activity at the plantation for years. Some tour guides hear carriages coming up the drive, even accompanied by a cloud of dust moving towards the house, but nothing is there.

A house manager and several other staff members once saw a figure matching the description of the last resident owner of Oak Alley in the window. The lights were on after everything had been shut off. Frightened, they drove away. Stopping after a distance, they looked back to see the lights off.

During a tour, a candlestick flew across the room in full view of 35 tourists.