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Episode Recap: Recycled Souls


TAPS explores the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium, a sixty-six year-old, 8,000 square foot mansion. The former sanitarium opened in 1942, and stayed in service up through 1992. In that time, countless patients passed through the halls, and thousands died there.

Unfortunately, not everyone who met their fate at the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium did so peacefully. There are stories of "alternative" and "experimental" treatments that were more akin to torture than healing. It is said that while their bodies were disposed of, their spirits still remain.

Visitors to the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium experience all kinds of paranormal activity, incidents that have left the staff terrified. A former guide was pulled into a closet by an invisible force, the owner has felt breath on the back of his neck, and recently, perhaps strangest of all, the Clovis police department has received 911 calls from this address on several occasions. That wouldn't seem so odd except for the fact that the building has no phone.

As a result of its reputation for paranormal activity, the former sanitarium draws expert ghost trackers and recently attracted the attention of TAPS. After a preliminary investigation, the results were off the charts. TAPS west coast has called in Jason and Grant to confirm initial paranormal findings by performing a detailed investigation of their own.