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Episode Recap: Spirits of the Old West


The team, including West Coast investigator, Britt Griffith, arrives in Nevada to conduct a pair of investigations. Their first stop is the Goldfield Hotel, which was built a century earlier during a mining boom. Red Roberts, the owner, showed Grant Wilson, Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves around the four-story structure.

Britt and Steve begin on the second floor, where Steve gets the feeling that more than dust motes are hanging out. They hear sounds, including footsteps, but see no one.

On the fourth floor, Kris Williams and Dave Tango also hear mysterious noises. On the second floor, Jason records two red balls of light that can only be seen with the thermal camera.

Grant also hears a shuffling sound down the hall.

In room 109, where a woman named Elizabeth was said to have died cruelly, Kris sits on the floor to try to get a reaction. Her K2 meter, which detects electromagnetic energy, lights up just as Britt enters the room.

Steve thinks Elizabeth could be searching for her baby, which was thrown down an elevator shaft. Up on four, Jason and Grant see moving shadows at the end of the hallway.

Subsequent analysis confirms the red lights, shadows and some odd audio are real. One audio clip seems to be someone saying "Get out" and another is "Where did the bitch go?"

Red, who says he's not a believer, listens intently as Jason and Grant describe the investigation and their findings. With each audio and video clip, he says he feels himself becoming convinced.

In the end, he invites the team for a follow-up investigation.

The team's second stop is at the Old Washoe Club, in tiny Virginia City. Owner Scott Burrell shows the team around.

Using multiple K2 meters on the third floor, Jason and Grant get some activity that implies a paranormal presence and twice hear a female humming.

Steve and Dave check out a ballroom on an upper level that was once the Millionaire's Club. They hear a sound and trace it to a pipe from below that's issuing foul air. They realize with evident disgust that it's air from a fan in a lower-level bathroom.

Britt and Kris try to record electronic voice phenomena, or EVP, in rooms once used by the club's resident prostitutes.