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Episode Recap: Congress Theater


Chicago, Illinois

This week the team returns to Chicago to investigate the historic Congress Theater. Since it was established in 1925, infamous acts like Prince and Billy Idol have graced the stage. Yet recently, the most popular shows appear to be the ones that go on behind the scenes when the paranormals come out to play.

After taking a tour of the hot spots with the building's manager, TAPS gets down to business. Jason and Grant begin by doing a general sweep of the main floor and stage area. They soon notice that someone in the balcony is watching them. Both investigators pursue the figure, yet when they reach the second floor, it's completely empty.

Meanwhile Kris Williams and guest hunter Kristyn Gartland investigate the basement area that once served as a meeting place for the mob. Unfortunately Al Capone was nowhere in site. Both Kris and Kristyn notice that the room is moldy, creepy and eerie. They believe that people are most likely more frightened by the way the area looks rather than by what's actually there.

Later on, Dave and Steve survey the third floor catwalk. And just as Dave is about to walk on the rickety cross walk, he feels someone tap him on his shoulder, but it's not Steve. Divine intervention? Either way, this definitely gets filed under "Creepy Things that Happened at the Congress Theater". In the projection room, guest hunter Bitt Griffith and Amy investigate the claims made about the figure of a man walking through a glass window. The EMF readings are fairly low, which rules out the occurrence of high electromagnetic fields. But the loud thud they hear in the theater area can't be explained away. Britt takes off in hot pursuit of whatever's making the noise but before he can catch up to it, calm is restored and the noise ceases.

For the remainder of the night the entire team continues to have their turns at thoroughly investigating the basement, third floor dressing room and stage. In addition to loud thuds and other things that go bump in the night the team also recorded some tangible evidence on some of their devices. When analyzing the final evidence they notice that a voice was recorded in the basement while Britt and Amy invested. It seems that after Amy asked if the entity worked at the Theater, the voice responded, "No." The team also picked up something that produced a steady heat signature near the balcony of the main stage.

With tangible evidence and a slew of personal experiences, Jason and Grant bump firsts an confirm that there is paranormal activity occurring at the Congress Theater.