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Episode Recap: Rocky Mountain Hauntings


Manitou Springs, Colorado

This week, TAPS heads to Colorado to investigate the manor where the walls are bleeding. Briarhurst Manor was originally built in 1888 and is 14,000 square feet of pure eeriness. This swank (and spookie) property was a finalist in Syfy's Great American Ghost Hunt contest. America voted and thinks the place is haunted, so the team heads in to investigate.

Jason and Grant begin by doing a general sweep of the Palmer Room, which was known to be the children's bedroom. While surveying the area, they hear creaking floorboards above them. So the two head upstairs to attic area where the kids would play whenever it rained outside. Yet the room is empty. During a later investigation of the Palmer Room, Grant notices a white light in one of the corners and again, the sound of footsteps. Jason and Grant then ask Kris and Amy to do a sweep of the area to see if they'll have similar experiencesó which they do. So the hunters head up to the attic where the noises are coming from but there is no one there. Kris and Amy conduct an EVP session in the space, yet the entity isn't ready to make nice and no response is heard.

Meanwhile Dave and Steve survey the foyer where people claim they've seen full-bodied apparitions throughout the room. The K2 meter receives sporadic hits yet they don't have any definitive encounters. Later on, the two investigate the dining area where people claim they've seen a red headed child playing in the yard outside. But during their sweep of the area, carrot top doesn't make an appearance.

Next Grant and Jason head to the drawing room where the walls have bled. Well, actually in the overhead area of the walls a dark red iron smelling substance began to pour out but it was never confirmed that it was actually blood. Fair enough. Both hunters know that there's an old restroom above the drawing room and when they get there they find a red cleaning agent sitting on the sink.

On the tail end of the investigation Jay and Grant investigate the Palmer Room but they're continually interrupted by female voices. Voices that do not belong to investigators Kris and Amy.

During the final analysis, the team finds audio recordings in nearly each of the rooms they investigated. This coupled with the chilling experiences they had while at the property leads TAPS to confirm that Briarhurst Manor is indeed haunted.