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Episode Recap: America's First Zoo


TAPS has investigated a LOT of interesting places, but this one takes the cage, er, cake!  The Philadelphia Zoo is the oldest in the country, but the reported Native American burial ground beneath it is even older.  

While there are no claims of animal ghosts, there are reports from the staff of disembodied voices, footsteps, apparitions and faces peeking through windows and misty shadows. There are 5 buildings to investigate, so the team has its hands quite full.

The night kicks off with team leaders Grant and Jason investigating the Shelley Building, where a staff member had reported seeing a face peek through a curtain.  The guys conclude there is no way a person could misinterpret such a vision, so the claim can't easily be debunked.  They are distracted by odd an thump that they can't track. Then the sound of a heavy door opening set them off on a chase, but there was no door around that could have made that sound.  So eerie.
K.J. and Brit check out the Penrose Building where an apparition had been seen. Again with the odd, untraceable and migrating noises! Throw in some cold spots and possibly an apparition sighting, (though that's for the DVR playback to decide) and it's definitely an active building. The two later check out the tunnels under the Solitude House, but don't find much beyond banging and knocking and a humming noise.  (Though there's no denying that place is creeeeeeeeepy.) 
Meanwhile, "The Tree House" which is loads of fun for kids by day, provides Amy and Kris with some fun knocking games coming from something at night.  Again, the real evidence of paranormal will hopefully present itself in the EVP playback during the analysis session.

The Solitude House gave a spook to Jason when he stumbled upon an old portrait!  As if it wasn't tense enough, when he was investigating some scuffing and walking noises, the thermal camera was actually knocked off the stairs!
The girls then head into the tunnels, where Amy is freaked out. That's not surprising given her fear of caves.  So she prefers to deal with the noise outside while Kris experiences something touching her head on the subterranean level.

The odd noises continue for Brit and K.J. in the Solitude's attic - finding doors open that they'd closed. Grant and Jason take a turn in the tunnels, and hear voices and music, a waltz- like tune, yet they can't follow the sound.  File that one under "weird".

The best part comes during the analysis and presentation.  The footage caught lots of audio that puts even the most seasoned scientist back on his heels.  Overall, one of the coolest cases they've ever done!