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Episode Recap: Empire State Haunts


Pay attention!  This is one busy episode.  First, there are housekeeping changes to attend to. Then, TAPS travels to New York to investigate a fort that's older than America. 

First, the business: Kris and Britt are joining the Ghost Hunters International team and they're headed to Eastern Europe!  Plus, Adam Berry, winner of the Ghost Hunters Academy competition who is now joining the TAPS team as an investigator in training.

Now it's off to Fort William Henry in Lake George, NY.  This place dates back to before the American Revolution.  Forts?  Usually haunted.  Pre-Revolutionary structures?  Usually Haunted.  Oh, and during the French and Indian war some Native Americans went haywire after defeating the British and began massacring and cannibalizing survivors.  Over 1,000 people were killed.  Think there may be a ghost or two sticking around from that?  Ummmmm -

The reports from the Fort include lights flickering on and off, footsteps and chimes ringing when there's no breeze.  There's also the touching, grabbing, marching noises, a shadow man, bottles moving and apparitions that actually fight with each other! 

Here are highlights of the investigation:  Jason and Grant hear and record heavy footsteps above the gift shop area - and where they were coming from were display cases so NO ONE could have been walking there!  Adam gets to work trying to disprove that the bottles could move independently.  Meanwhile K.J. and Amy hear something running around the gift shop.  Steve and Tango hear someone cough in the Colonel's office.  Jason and Grant find loads of beehives inside the cannons, a sign that there's probably a lot of animal activity that could be confused for paranormal activity.
The evidence revealed a male voice caught on tape, as well as the footsteps. They were able to debunk some claims, but other things are not so easily explained.