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Episode Recap: Haunted Hotel


The TAPS gang is back in action and they're ready to put some anxious hotel workers at ease!

The Otesaga Resort Hotel in Cooperstown, NY, has some 4 star claims!  Employees are terrified by swinging doors and voices calling their names.  Guests are freaking out after hearing non-existent children running the halls and furniture being dragged across the floor upstairs - when they're actually ON the top floor! Shadows, orbs, moaning; this massive hotel has it all! 

Immediately into the investigation, Jason and Grant work on debunking a claim that an orb was passing through the ballroom.  With all those mirrors, it's likely the guest saw a reflection of light.  But they soon hear a bizarre noise worthy of Jason's trademark comment: "what the hell was that?!?"  They couldn't figure it out!  Later on the duo also hears faint voices moving all around the area. 
Amy and Kris hit the third floor using a fancy laser grid that detects movement using light patterns, plus they use multiple flashlights and a music box as trigger objects to lure ghosts into conversations.   When they play the music box, the flashlight turns on.  When they play it again, it turns off.  Whoa.
For most of the night it's non-stop intense action on the 5th floor! First K.J. and Brit see a figure moving through the laser grid and everything!  Then some crazy whole-bodied shadow comes out into the hall, stares at them and runs back in- the guys follow it and it vanished into thin air!  Then Brit hears someone whispering to him in a closet- upon later review of the DVR footage, it sounds like someone is saying "Amy".  (Yes, that rattles Amy a bit!)   Later on, while Kris is giving commentary to the producers on the 5th floor, the producers AND Amy see a shadow figure moving right behind her and into a room.  Kris also hears a voice and is majorly freaked.  Jason and Grant also hear eerie and inexplicable noises up there.

Between the video and audio evidence and the personal experiences from the team, the Otesaga owners got one heck of a report from The Ghost Hunters!  Awesome episode.