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Episode Recap: Dark Shadows


On this episode of Ghost Hunters:  TAPS investigates a mansion that was built in 1923 in Washington, DC.  It was later moved to Newport, RI and merged with an older Elizabethan revival mansion that was already there.  The two structures combined to form a home of over 40,000 square feet, which later served as a girl's boarding school. 

The building is said to be haunted by the original owner's wife, Mrs. Bradley.  Her apparition was reported playing the organ almost immediately following her death. The current owners, Denise Carey and her husband, Chris, have heard disembodied voices, felt temperature fluctuations in a creepy basement and door handles have been moving on their own.

The investigation starts with Jason and Grant chasing footsteps that were so loud- the most impressive footsteps Grant has ever heard in an investigation! Meanwhile Amy and Adam hear a sigh and whisper and decide to play back the recording and they clearly hear a voice right with them chatting away! This totally freaks them out!

Investigating the Organ Room, Steve and Tango decide use an Ion Generator, which could provide spirits with that little bit of extra energy they need to come forward.  Calling out to the apparitions, Tango hears a voice and notes they must listen carefully during analysis to be sure they get all the data. In the basement, K.J. and Britt start a call and response session.  They pick up a knocking response, and see movement near their thermal camera.  Suddenly the camera falls right OVER!  Whoa.  The noises start to come from all around, so Britt wonders if there is more than spirit with them… but no answer!

Trying to debunk the self-opening door handle, Jason and Grant are stumped and cannot find any explanation.  So they move to the third floor and immediately hear noises from above.  They find an access to the roof but there's nothing there that would account for the sounds.  Eerie. 

In the organ room Britt and K.J.  felt like someone sat down on the old bench right next to K.J., and it felt like a cold spot!  Later, Amy and Adam both felt things touching their heads in the basement, but there was nothing there. On the third floor Jason and Grant hear pronounced banging on a door right next to Grant.  They find this hidden room full of old furniture, cribs and doors, and they hear the sound of a young girl with a muffled voice. "This place is out of control," says Grant.

The team worked right up to sunrise, and they wish they could stay even longer!  The evidence adds to the intrigue. 

By far, one of the team's most fascinating investigations!