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Episode Recap: Murdered Matron


Get ready! This episode of Ghost Hunters has a very special celebrity guest investigator: the lovely Meredith Vieira! Since Jason and Grant appeared on her game show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, she's joining TAPS for a night at Snug Harbor, the cultural and botanical center on Staten Island, New York City.

Robert Richard Randall was a philanthropic sailor who donated Snug Harbor to the city to provide housing and services to retired sailors in the 1800s. While there are no sailors there today, there certainly are some apparitions. In the matron's cottage, the matron's young mentally ill son had been chained in the basement. He escaped and murdered his mother, and was later hanged for his crime. Her ghost has been spotted in several locations across the campus.

Other claims include a steeple bell ringing unexpectedly and a woman dancing in the chapel, plus doors slamming and apparitions in the music hall- one was even captured in a photograph! Could it be the ghost of the matron?

The investigation kicks off with Meredith joining Jason and Grant in the music hall. Immediately they all hear footsteps and odd noises like giggling and hooting! Meredith spots something moving up in the balcony- but is it her mind playing tricks on her?

Tango and Steve hear a chair sliding in the Matron's cottage, while Adam and Amy have a flashlight conversation with an invisible entity! They hear a breathing a voice and footsteps- it's a flurry of activity! Was it the Matron? The voice whispered 'no'!

Jason and Grant bring Meredith into the creepy basement where the young boy had been chained. Not much going on there. Next they head outside and discover that an oak tree is dropping acorns on the chapel bell, easily debunking that mysterious claim. However, while out there, the group spots some movement on the thermal imaging camera. 

Back in the music hall, Amy and Britt hear more mysterious noises meanwhile Jason and Grant hear noises in the Matron's house. Then out of nowhere they hear a loud and clear female voice that freaks them out big time!

During the reveal, Jason and Grant validated many of the claims. Evidence included a full recording of the voice Jason and Grant heard loud and clear in the Matron's House- is the voice speaking Spanish? And the thermal imaging camera caught a figure walking that Jason and Grant saw outside, although the heat imprint was much too low on the figure for it to be an actual person. What a mystery!

There's no denying there is some paranormal activity in Snug Harbor!