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Episode Recap: Stage Fright


The Rapids Theater in Niagra Falls, NY was built in 1921, but the suicide of an actress years ago has placed a paranormal shadow over the building.

Claims include apparitions crossing the stage, a woman's voice and female whistling and high heels clicking. Doors also tend to open and close on their own, including a fire door in the front tunnels, a type of basement. In the Orchestra Pit, people see legs walking around in the auditorium when there is no one there. 

The night begins with Jay and Grant in the front tunnels- they immediately hear a beckoning whistle, a female voice and someone moving. Something then kicked a bottle! In the stage area, Steve and Tango are taunted by a jingling noise that keeps moving around the room.They can't track it down to any specific point.

The fire door in the front tunnels leaves Jason and Grant baffled, because it takes so much force to open it. How could it happen on it's own? Then the door behind them that was closed is now open- or did they forget to close it?

In the VIP bar area Amy and Hailey hear a woman's voice and heels clicking.  Then Amy swears she just saw a shadow duck down. Seconds later, they both see the shadow again in the corner! They set up a mini DVD in that area in hopes to catch the footage.

In the green room where bands hang out between sets, Grant and Jason easily debunk the opening and closing doors. They hear the woman's voice again.

Dave and Tango visit the orchestra pit, and hear the whistle and male voices in conversation. They ask Amy and Britt to race from the basement to the area to make sure no one was around. Then THEY start hearing a woman singing!  It's like a spectral party in this theater! Steve, meanwhile, gets the shock of his life with a giant centipede-like bug! Forget the ghosts, it's the insects that are bone-chilling to these guys.

Evidence turns up great audio and chilling video footage of lights moving in the orchestra pit AND a figure moving. Can't say for sure it's a ghost but it certainly is spooky!

So much has happened here that's unexplained, but this investigation has exceeded expectations.