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Episode Recap: Camp Fear


This episode of Ghost Hunters brings Jason and his team to Camp Rutledge in Georgia. A regular summer camp, except it's haunted as heck and the kids are scared to death!  Then later, TAPS helps a mother and her young daughter unravel the paranormal activity that is terrifying them at home.

At Camp Rutledge, former camper Melissa Trotta tells TAPS that as a teenager she was very uncomfortable at the camp and wants to be sure it's safe before she now sends her own daughter.  

Claims are: an apparition of a drowning victim, wet footprints in the dining hall, an old man's apparition, a voice saying "you'll die here", a boy playing with a ball and whistling from the woods. Jason surmises that there could be elemental spirits at play, which are different from human spirits because they come from nature and work to protect nature. What kinds of spirits are here and are they malicious?  Jason and the team will find out! 

During the investigation Jason and Britt spot and record on the IR camera a pair of bright RED eyes from the woods, but there were no animals there! Huge evidence! Steve and Jason have some dramatic encounters with bugs in the woods, but then they hear odd smashing and cracking sounds- is something running through the woods?! There's nothing there!
Britt and Tango use multiple scientific methods to debunk the wet footprints but can't do it. 

The evidence was there: movement in the woods, flashing lights in by the cabins and audio footage of a voice saying, "Trust me!" It's extremely unsettling to the client, but there doesn't appear to be negative. If they wanted to cause people harm, they would have done so but really there's no reason to be afraid.

On to Marion, North Carolina, where the Leverette family needs some help!  Three-year-old Sophie is afraid to sleep in her own room. The home is new, but there are antiques that have been passed down that could be hosting spirits, particularly an old dresser that once belonged to Sophie's deceased step-grandad. This is one of the cases that TAPS was built on.  
Jason and Amy hear voices and knocking in the house. Amy hangs in Sophie's bedroom and hears a male voice and footsteps in the hallway! Steve and Tango hear and record knocking noises. 

The evidence analysis captures a voice saying, "I don't mean to scare Sophie".  What comfort this evidence has brought the family! If it is the step-grandad, he is welcome in the Leverette home.