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Episode Recap: Don't Feed the Apparition


Spoiler alert! The Ghost Hunters have a new team member! But you have to read on to find out the details…

First, TAPS heads back to Alexandria, Louisana (remember, that entire town is haunted!) This time the team takes on the Alexandria Zoo. Once a simple display of caged animals Les Whit transformed the location into a beautiful zoological park, but passed away in 2008 before the project was completed. Current staff and visitors believe his ghost still roams the zoo.

The paranormal activity fits Les' personality, and he liked to play practical jokes. A male figure was walking with a woman and three children, a woman's ears were tickled and groups heard growling noises when the only animal nearby was an emu.    

This is a big project and the team has been struggling with the workload since Grant's departure. So Jason and Steve interview several applicants- but they're looking for someone young with great enthusiasm so they can mold him or her into the kind of investigator they want on the team. They can't bring in a new recruit without promoting Adam from investigator-in-training to Investigator!  Congrats!

The new hire: Ashley Thaub, a paranormal investigator from California. Let's see if she learns quickly and fits in! 

During the investigation, the animals cause as many reactions as the paranormal!  There ARE mysterious sounds like cement dragging and grunting. During an EVP session, Britt gets touched while his EMF detector picks up a spike! Jason and Steve hear a screaming noises and voices, and feel like someone is following them.

Adam watches Amy and Ashley take on the gift shop and he wonders if she's going to be able to handle the speed and intensity of this job. Later, Britt and Jason try the gift shop and the Mel Meter (which detects change in temperature) goes off for no reason!  Ashley and Britt review the tapes and pick up a voice saying "yeah" to Britt asking, "Les, are you listening to our story?"

Adam, in the kitchen with Amy, expresses frustration that he had to go to the Ghost Hunters Academy while Ashley just gets dropped into the action. 
Steve and Tango bring Bill, Les' good friend in life, into the investigation. He calls to his friends and the monkeys go crazy!! They had been sound asleep. Did Les push them?  Did he communicate through the animals? Meanwhile, Britt and Ashley have a solid EVP session by the railway.

The results show that there were voices, and shadows that resembled Les' shape.  A moving encounter for the investigators!