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Episode Recap: Ghostly Refuge


Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York has something beyond normal going on and TAPS is ready to rise to the challenge. The Fort has seen gruesome deaths as far back as the French and Indian War, and tragedy as recently as the holocaust, when 982 Jewish refugees called the fort home. Witnesses are convinced that the halls still house the spirits of generations of war-ravaged souls. The claims in the officer's quarters include knocking, crying and apparitions of a figure in a window. Could it be the soul of a refugee?  

Recently, an apparition in a revolutionary uniform has been spotted. Only TAPS will be able to determine who these spirits are and what they want.  
Haily Hawes will be joining the team, which will help out as Amy is getting along in her pregnancy and can't see her feet any more! But Ashley, the newbie, still needs to prove herself and win over the veteran investigators.  

Set up gets sidetracked when Tango freaks out that the camera set ups are unraveling!! Oh wait, Steve is up to his practical jokes again!  Nice to see the team can still have a good laugh!

During the investigation, Adam and Ashley capture a voice, but they can't agree if it said "yes" or "no". In the cemetery, KJ and Britt capture strange movements and hear voices in the trees, but it vanishes as soon as they approach. Whatever it is, it is hiding from the guys.  Britt speculates that it may be the spirit from a wartime that could be afraid to show itself.

In the officer's quarters, Amy and Hailey hear footsteps, thuds and chains! It must be something residual, since it's not responding to the ladies at all.  
Steve pulls Ashley aside to address what is keeping her from gelling with the team. It is a trial period, and perhaps as she opens up and lets them see her passion for the field she will be more likely to move up to a permanent position. Ashley is pleased to get such feedback and will try harder.

Evidence presentation captures a voice yelling, "let go" or "Marco" like kids playing Marco-Polo. Jason and Steve had a noise follow them as if to say 'don't go', and a husky, whispering voice while Steve and Tango are in the casement. All in all, it indicates paranormal activity but with no clue as to whether the haunts are soldiers are refugees.  

A great night for the team!