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Episode Recap: Haunted Home For The Holidays


Dust off your Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn books, because tonight the Ghost Hunters revisit one of their favorite haunts:  The Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT!  The frightening activity in the house has increased ever since TAPS' last visit, and the team is ready to figure out this haunted mystery. 

Since Mark Twain loved Christmas, theories exist that there could be heightened activity during this holiday season. There are two possible ghosts in the home, one of which is Mark Twain's daughter, Susie, who died in the home.  Could she be the transparent figure staff members have seen?  The other is the family's butler, George Griffin, who has been seen and heard on the third floor.  Claims include jewelry being ripped off, lights flickering a potential possession and blocks moving and a woman in a white long dress. 

The most startling claim came from a visitor who saw a woman rush at her and take possession of her body. The guest began speaking in a foreign language, and those around her felt a strong breeze.  Whoa, that's a serious claim!

During the last investigation at the Twain house, the team found all their equipment had malfunctioned so the work was inconclusive. 

The experiences during the investigation were many. Jason and Steve heard footsteps walking heavily above them and heard a squeaky door. Britt and K.J. get creeped out in the library and sense they shouldn't be there. Jason uses the new TAPS app on the iPad to detect motion and start a DVR recording right away.  They get a response that confirms there was vibration, but that's about all. 

Adam reads one of the letters from "Santa", aka Samuel Clemens, to his daughter.  His flashlight goes on and off on cue!  Then he hears footsteps and asks for George- the flashlight turns off! 

When Britt and K.J. were in the Billiard's Room, a chair slides and they hear a female voice. Dave does magic tricks in the nursery, but apparently the spirits aren't amused.

Just as last time, the team has a bizarre equipment problem! Coincidence??  Hmmmm.

The recorded evidence picks up the dragging, dropping and door opening noises to back up the personal experiences. They also picked up recording of a voice saying, "I'm so cold"!  Another audio recording captured a girl talking or laughing. They also recorded a voice saying, "Langdon's in Buffalo", which is where Clemens' oldest son was born and then died of diphtheria.   

Add up all the evidence and the team could write a book about the paranormal activity going on in this historic house!

PS: The team got to visit Amy Bruno and her darling daughter, Charlotte.  Nice presents and pretty flowers… one happy family!! The team can't wait for Amy to come back, whenever she's ready.