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Episode Recap: Paranormal Pioneers

Tonight on Ghost Hunters, TAPS journeys Gloucester, Mass, to investigate Hammond Castle, the spookiest, hauntedest castle EVER!  And Hauntedest isn't even a word!

Great news!  Josh Gates from Destination Truth is guest investigating- he lives right near the castle and has been hearing the ghost stories since he was a kid.

John Hammond and his wife, Irene, built this gothic style castle in the 1920s.  The wealthy inventor was a strong believer in the paranormal and Mr. Hammond even promised that after his death he would return to this realm as a black cat.  Claims include disembodied voices, moving objects, uneasy feelings and full-bodied apparitions.

John Pettibone, castle curator and director, who maintains the creepy décor that the Hammonds had purchased to reflect their eccentric lifestyle.  Among the artifacts are an ancient roman child's tombs, a skull.  Hammond believed that these items would carry the spirits of those past.  He also conducted paranormal experiments on the property with devices using bizarre electrical devices, including a Farraday Cage that facilitates communication with the dead.

Visitors have spotted Mr. and Mrs. Hammond's ghost, books on the occult fly off the shelves without explanation, several photographs have captured an apparition walking up the stairs and a hand reached out for a little girl.  And then there's the cat that appears out of nowhere…downright exciting!  Mr. Pettibone wants TAPS to reach out to the Hammonds and hopefully make contact. 

During the investigation, Dave and Tango hear a voice, while Amy and Adam hear a voice AND whistling in the room with them!  Meanwhile, K.J. and Britt have great communication with a spirit using a rim pod.  Not only do Jason and Steve hear strange voices behind them, but also feet walking behind them! 

Josh and Ashley get some great responses to their questions on the K2 meter, and actually give chase to a voice.  When they move to the library, the chandelier begins swinging aggressively without any cause!  As Josh says, it's like a cliché haunted house. 

Britt and K.J. continue their conversation with Mr. Hammond getting clear responses to their questions on both the geophone and the rim pod.

The most interesting find, presented at the reveal, was a voice that is clearly whispering Hammond.  Nailed it!

All around, this castle presented the more fascinating pieces of evidence seen in a long time!